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Session Guitar & Keyboard

On any production I'm set up and happy to play rhythm or lead electric and acoustic guitar parts as well as piano, rhodes, pads and/or synths. I've gathered a few fancy plugins over the years like the Native Instruments stuff so you know the tones are gonna be pretty swanky. I've also got an verrry nice acoustic guitar... just sayin.


Drum Programming

I used to be a (bang average) drummer in a (pretty bad) metal band but got into programming parts when I realised my ideas far exceeded my ability. I still love mixing real drums but the plugins (BFD3) sound so good these days I often find it hard to justify the effort and expense of real drums. 


Backing Vocal & String Arrangements 

In my dark past I got caught up in the weird world of A Cappella music and actually became an award winning writer and arranger. Go me. From this I established a decent workflow for writing voice and string parts in MIDI and transferring them over to manuscript - handy when it's needed.

Remote Recording

If you have your own DAW then it's possible to run recording sessions from afar using a snazzy combination of Zoom and a plugin that streams lossless audio across the internet from your computer into mine. Mental. We can even add screen sharing into the mix so you don't need to worry about getting the settings right on your end. The main advantage of this approach is that you get to avoid my crumby flat.

Vocal Editing & Production

I'm peculiar in that I've had  (way too) much experience with vocal correction software but also don't really enjoy the sound of "hard" tuning. This basically means I'm badass at using it subtly and invisibly (subject to how un-badass the recording is). I use this subtle approach on my own vocals and it's ideal for taking a performance from 95 to 100%.  

Mixing and/or Mastering

I master while I mix which which is rather taboo in producer world because things haven't been done that way historically. I think it saves you time and money and makes for better mixes. Am I the best mastering engineer out there? F**k no. I'm all for getting a second pair of ears on a project but also think if you don't have the money for it, don't worry about it. 

 A few clips of my best work, according to me, featuring me

 A big ass playlist of pretty much everything I've ever worked on 

(also featuring me)

About Me.

I started out "producing" on a Boss BR 532 four track recorder making heavy metal songs with programmed drum parts that you'd need about four legs to be able to play. Once I felt like I had "completed" that bit of kit I decided I was worthy of the big boy computer stuff and bought a Pro Tools starter kit when I was about 16. This ironically marked the start of a very steep decline in the quality of my productions that I eventually realised could be attributed to how much heavy lifting that little four track was doing for me in the form of nice EQ/compression presets and not to mention the "finished" drum sounds. This was a humbling experience.

Fast forward a few years to uni and I've dropped out of Physics at the University of Glasgow to pursue a (very expensive) degree in Audio Production at SAE Institute, also in Glasgow (i.e. the Campus with the leaky roof). Later, after I had moved to London, I found out that I had won the SAE Institute Alumni Award for Best Audio Production for the song "Who Even Listens To A Cappella" that I wrote with my group Choral Stimulation. This projected me into working solidly in the UK A Cappella scene for a couple of years where I did my 10,000 hours of pitch correction. 

I've since moved away from A Cappella in favour of focusing on my own music as well as any other projects that interest me and that I feel I'm able to contribute to meaningfully. Still haven't figured out how to get my drums to sound like that multitrack though... 

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All general enquires welcome. If you have an idea of your Start Date and Budget that's great but if not, don't worry about it - those fields are there primarily to inflate my sense of self importance. 



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