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All Abilities Welcome

Total beginner to advanced rock star - it's all gravy. Except if you're better than me... in which case, begone. 


Experienced Teacher

What can I say, I've been around a while. More than 10 years in fact... it hurt a bit to type that out. 


Learn (almost) Any Genre

 I've never been able to "pick" a genre and stick to it. I like Pop, Rock, Metal, Folk, Indie, Blues, Funk, Soul...


Music Theory

Any excuse to talk (or bore people) at length about music theory is time well spent as far as I'm concerned.


Songwriting & Arrangement

They go hand in hand and they're also two of my favourite things to rant about.


Discounts on packages

It's nice to incentivise people sticking around so I'm happy to offer discounts on bundles of lessons. 


They Say

Paul McMordie Managing Director Ossia Music School, Belfast

When I employ a tutor I use only the best. None epitomised this more than multi-instrumentalist, technician, Tony McHugh. His experience of playing is what makes Tony a fine teacher and his passion is surpassed only by his patience. Above all else it is Tony’s humble attitude that endears him to even the most nervous of student.

Joe Kennedy Guitar Student

I started getting lessons with Tony at the age of 13. I had a number of teachers before, yet none succeeded in inspiring me the way he has. He is a truly phenomenal and versatile guitarist with a particularly unique acoustic style that even very competent guitarists could learn a great deal from.

About Me.

I've been teaching music since school. I started, like many do, with family friends who live close by before moving into working at a school of music as well at the age of about 16. To be completely honest, I never really thought much of it seeing as teaching quickly became a fairly normal part of my life. I noticed early on though that I'd often feel a bit unbothered on my way to lessons - like it were any other job - but then after I'd be completely elated. This phenomenon along with a brief hiatus from lessons has showed me that me that I actually love teaching (and possibly the sound of my own voice πŸ™„). 

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