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  • Multitracks & Stems
  • Pretty PDF of Lyrics
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Wtf's a Stem? 

Wait no, not that kinda stem...

This kinda stem 👍

(Nothing against stems... stems are more than welcome to my Stems)

Right... and what was the other stuff again?

First ever demo of Concrete Noun

Listen to how far it's come from fake drums, croaky vocals and gibberish lyrics... also have a laugh at my expense.

Pretty PDF of Lyrics

Just in case you were wanting a singalong but struggle to understand my weird accent.  

Multitracks and Stems

Dig in to every individual track and see what's going on, do your own remix or even make some samples.

Full Sheet Music and Chord Chart

If you're interested in learning any of the music from Concrete Noun then I got you covered bro/sis.

Video is literally right behind this, ready for your thirsty eyes...

Are you ready to see behind the music... behind this floating box? 

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Embarrassing Demo
Lyrics on Pretty PDF
Multitracks & Stems (Nerds)
Sheet Music & Charts (Super Nerds)